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to_string(sort_array(filter(to_array(“.1:ACE-PALE-RED 2:saw-plonk 3:sabbat-ultra-BAD”), (: $1 && member($2, $1) != -1 :), “Bow bunks PLC.”), #'+))

Err, yeah. That's LPC - the underlying language of LPMud - for 'Bubbs knows LPC'; which I do - I've been coding LPMuds since 1990.

I came to Dune soon after it's inception, and while have not added anything to the game content, I've contributed by making structural changes (splitting the login/creation process from the player object, command directory system, channel system, mail system, inter-mud connectivity) as well innumerable smaller tweaks.

Oh, and look out for my Tetris and Connect 4 games! Ask and thee shall receive :P !

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