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Dune 2.0

Dune 2.0 is the codename for work we're doing on an entirely different branch of the MUD driver. We're upgrading from LD 3.2.17 to LD 3.5.0 [RELEASE], which is a considerable step. I mean, .2 to .5! Jeez, where have we been?

Why bother, you might ask. Well, as you might know, I (Mreh) was unable to connect to the MUD for about two months, and in that time, Paradox and Clutch got me a working version of the MUD that I ran on my computer and developed the party system on. In that time, I was supposed to work on our core player, monster and combat objects, and the entire thing turned out to be such a ridiculous mess that I could do nothing with it but sit at my dual monitors and cry. And cry and cry and cry.

As a result, we've started in on the core objects from the ground up. Ultimately, this should mean nothing at all to you, the player. What it will mean for us, the coding staff, is compartmentalized code, the ability to change one thing in one file and have it work (almost) everywhere (instead of what we have right now where a small change might be required to be made in five or six different files), and the ability to make new and cooler stuff.

It will also mean changes to combat, maybe changes to skills, probably not changes to guild powers, and quite possibly a lot of under-the-radar bugs. We're aiming to have as much backwards compatibility as we can get, but if something breaks, we're going to take care of that as soon as we can.

It also means a new space system, but that's a topic for a different page, and a different author.

So, sit back, kill mobs, and enjoy the wait.

mreh 2010/09/11 21:14

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